Clavicle FX in Periodontist / Cyclist

Case Study: Urgent Treatment of Clavicle Fracture (Broken Collarbone)

shoulder Surgeon Miami Dr. Badia clavicle ORIF

Clavicle FX in Periodontics - Clavicle Fracture Broken Collarbone
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Patient fell on mountain bike trail. Considered ER visit but brother, a surgeon, recommended orthopedic urgent care, OrthoNOW®

  • Seen within minutes on a weekend with x-ray images transmitted to appropriate subspecialist orthopedic surgeon, who was lecturing abroad.
  • Patient scheduled for procedure in adjacent outpt surgery center.
  • Total time of assessment/ decision making: 70 minute

Patient missed no work after clavicle ORIF

Specialist shown here 72 hours after procedure!! Working…..

Attended OrthoNOW® triathlon symposium 90 minutes after leaving OR#1 at the Surgery Center at Doral

Major procedures, including arthroplasty surgery can be done safely in outpatient environment with good anesthesia/ nursing team with less complications (nosocomial infections), hassle AND cost.

The latter reason represents real solution for decreasing healthcare costs in US, not the ACA….

Work comp injuries, schools, athletes and families all benefit from having an OrthoNOW type facility in their community


OrthoNOW mobile App Android and iPhone Orthopedic Urgent Care

 Simply use app to find nearest facility and you can even notify center via On My Way NOW™ feature. Paradigm shift in how injuries are assessed and treated.


OrthoNOW Google Play Free Download


OrthoNOW Google Play Free Download

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