When 9 to 5 Doesn’t Work

At one point or another during their careers, all people tend to become introspective and evaluate where they are on life’s path. For many, the conclusion that their current job or career is unfulfilling, unbalanced, or is not a trajectory to lead them to personal and professional prosperity they desire becomes a stark reality. When this happens, it is often a signal that indicates a need for a career change. If you find that:

  1. You no longer experience joy or passion for the work you’re doing,
  2. You are working with people with whom you don’t respect,
  3. You are unable to move up the career ladder, and/or
  4. You face internal or external factors outside of your control that threaten or stymie your professional growth, income earning or retirement

When considering a change of career, doing a self – assessment is the first step. By conducting a self -assessment you will be able to clarify the reality of changing jobs or even careers. This process includes identifying what your values are, knowing what you your goals are, and researching and talking to other people in different fields to learn how your goals, interests and values align.  Further, after the self – assessment and interviews some people may find that they need to be open to relocation or that self – employment. For many, whether or not they have a healthcare background, self-employment turns to a deeper examination of the lucrative world of healthcare franchising as a viable alternative to creating financial independence.

If you feel self-employment and healthcare franchising is right for you the next step is to carefully consider all healthcare business investment options before making your final selection. When this happens nine to five can take on a whole new meaning!


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