Why Patients Benefit from Using an OrthoNOW Healthcare Franchise

Why Patients Benefit from Using an OrthoNOW Healthcare Franchise

Some patients think healthcare franchises are not able to provide sufficient care for injuries. However, a recent study found that that orthopaedic emergencies are some of the most mis-handled of all cases in emergency rooms. Through an analysis of consultations of orthopaedic injuries or conditions at an Emergency Room facility, they found that consultations by ED personnel for orthopaedic injuries at trauma centers were inaccurate in 38.5% of cases.

Most of these errors are attributed to a lack of training and experience in the specific language and diagnoses for orthopaedic injuries. Most residents in ED have very little training in complex specifics of orthopaedics. These inaccuracies could be everything from huge mis-diagnoses, using the wrong terminology, to vague descriptions.

When a patient’s injury isn’t documented properly, their care is not managed sufficiently. This can result in incorrect treatment plans, and a generally negative effect on patient welfare.

Unfortunately, musculoskeletal conditions are among the most common injuries in the acute and primary care setting, but they are also the most commonly missed injuries in emergency rooms. Clearly, this is a sign that there is a discrepancy in the care that is being provided to patients in emergency rooms, that can be corrected in a healthcare franchise.

According to the study, fractures were the most likely injuries to be missed, which is a huge problem. No patient wants to go to a doctor’s office, suspecting a fractured foot, then told it’s just a sprain. By the time the incorrect diagnoses is determined, the patient will often require more time to heal, and they may have even caused further damage to the bone.

When patients go to an OrthoNOW healthcare franchise, they are treated by an orthopedic specialist who is well versed in this area of medicine. Instead of a general doctor who is forced to have a smaller amount of knowledge across a wide range of conditions and illnesses, orthopaedic specialists are experts in their field. They can quickly and correctly diagnose a patient’s injury and help get them on the right path toward healing.

The patient is able to enter an OrthoNOW healthcare franchise with confidence that their injury will be treated correctly by someone with years of experience. They are receiving the best care, from an expert doctor who will ensure they are on the quickest recovery path.

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