All OrthoNOW Centers are Up and Running

Avoid the ER if possible

Our team has worked hard to ensure all the OrthoNOW Centers are back in optimal conditions after Hurricane Irma. We’re happy to announce that as of September 18, 2017 all locations have resumed operations.

Three of our four Centers were open late last week treating many patients that sustained injuries before, during and after Hurricane Irma. If you or someone you know got injured and have yet to be seen by a specialist, call your nearest OrthoNOW Center.

Most orthopedic injuries require urgent attention. It’s important to be seen by an orthopedic expert to avoid further complications to your injury. When hurricanes take place, there are many storm related illnesses and injuries, therefore it’s especially important to avoid the ER when it’s not the best solution for your injury.
The operating hours for our OrthoNOW Centers are as follows:

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