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Acute Injuries

An acute injury is one that has occurred up to 72 hours prior to your OrthoNOW visit, usually sustained from heavy impact or a traumatic incident. These injuries are centralized to specific areas in the body, ranging from muscle tears and strains to a bone fracture and require specialized care in order to heal properly. Quick diagnosis and treatment are key to preventing long-term problems from developing. Depending on the scope of the injury, you may not feel symptoms at first, prompting you to determine that medical attention is unnecessary. Many acute injuries may have delayed symptoms, seeming perfectly fine at first before experiencing intense pain, swelling, and loss of mobility. Even if you are not exhibiting symptoms after the initial accident, it is critical to get examined and checked for injuries. Indicators that you may have suffered an acute injury include:

  • Moderate to severe swelling, inflammation, and redness
  • Loss of mobility in the affected limb(s)
  • Persistent pain
  • Visible deformity in bone structure

If you chose to not get checked out at the scene and begin to feel symptoms soon afterward, you should visit OrthoNOW in Coral Way to undergo an examination and testing for an acute injury. Your chance of a full recovery without side effects is much higher if it is diagnosed and treated early.


Fracture/Broken Bone

Any break in the bone, regardless of size, is considered a fracture. The course of treatment is dependent on the extent of the injury and can involve a removable brace or sling or a plaster cast for the duration of healing. Major fractures may require further treatment, including surgery. If you break a bone, it is critical to have it treated and set immediately in order to prevent long-term complications, including:

  • Chronic pain
  • Arthritis
  • Bone misalignment
  • Nerve damage

If you experience an accident and suspect you have suffered from a broken bone, visit OrthoNOW in Coral Way to undergo thorough digital imaging available on site for a more complete diagnosis and personalized treatment. You will be diagnosed and treated in one 70-minute visit, allowing you to begin recovery without endless visits to different facilities.


Chronic Pain

Pain is normal after an injury, acting as a signal from your body that something is wrong and requires medical attention. As your injury heals, you will feel pain less and less until your body is back to normal. However, chronic pain can leave you feeling effects for weeks and months, even years after the initial injury has healed, affecting your ability to perform daily activities as well as your mental health.
Chronic pain is defined as persistent pain lasting at least three months after the original injury was sustained. It can be exacerbated by additional injury or illness and lead to further medical problems as it progresses, including mood swings, reduced appetite, and sleep issues and chronic fatigue. The patient may exhibit a loss in motion and muscle mass to avoid moving in a way that causes more pain. Working with an orthopedic specialist will help pinpoint the exact cause of your chronic pain, as well as create a personalized treatment plan to relieve your symptoms and restore your quality of life so you can resume your regular activities. OrthoNOW Coral Way will assign an onsite expert clinician to work with you, learning your symptoms and medical history to come up with successful pain management solutions for however long your case may require.


Preventive Health

Staying healthy is important at any age, including maintaining the health of your bones, muscles, and tendons. Whether your child is just starting to play in Little League or the NFL or you like to casually hike in local parks on the weekend, our expert clinicians will be able to help personalize a solution to keep your bones and muscles conditioned for your individual level of physical activity. Proper conditioning can help prevent accidents, giving you the correct way to stand and land after falls and improving your stamina and agility. If an injury does occur, it will likely be at a lower grade and not have as much of an impact on your season.


Sports Injuries and School Physicals

Youth Sports Injuries

Youth sports have expanded, starting at earlier ages than they ever have and lasting far into the teenage years. Your child will be participating in athletics as their growth plates and bones continue to develop. As they grow, your child may be more prone to injuries, especially as they work on their hand-eye coordination. Although injuries such as sprains and fractures may be more common, recovery time is generally faster than that of an adult as bones continue to grow.
However, it is imperative to make sure any injuries receive medical attention immediately in order to prevent issues as their body continues to grow, including uneven limbs that affect the ability to move correctly. OrthoNOW Coral Way utilizes the On My Way NOW app, allowing you to send images of the injury and communicate with a doctor on your way to the clinic, providing a faster diagnosis and a shorter visit. A visit to a typical emergency room can last hours as you wait for a radiologist, then a physician who often does not have the expertise to treat your child. OrthoNOW provides expert diagnosis and treatment in under 70 minutes, regardless of age.


Adult Sports Injuries

Overestimating your athletic abilities sometimes happens as you age, leaving you to find that your agility isn’t what it used to be after a hard fall. This can affect people of all skill levels, from casual walkers to college athletes and marathon runners. Regardless of your sport or injury, OrthoNOW will be able to treat your injury and provide you with a physical therapy plan to better condition your body for the level of activity you are accustomed to. You will receive expert diagnosis, care, and treatment in under 70 minutes and during your initial center visit.


Sports Physicals

Often a requirement for schools and community sports, making sure your child undergoes a sports physical prior to the season is critical to check for medical conditions and undiagnosed injuries before a long period of exertion. Based on the information collected during the examination, our expert clinicians will be able to provide tips on avoiding fatigue and injury throughout the season, as well as diagnose any pre-existing conditions that can affect their level of play. Sports physicals can be administered at OrthoNOW Coral Way on a walk-in basis, no appointments required.


Pre-Concussion Testing, Diagnosis and Management

Head injuries can occur at any time, whether you are participating in a sport or just trip and fall during a regular walk. Regardless of how it was sustained, making sure your head injury is examined by a specialist is critical to receiving the correct diagnosis, treatment if necessary, and fully healing. If you or your child are participating in organized athletics, having your doctor perform periodic baseline testing will be able to check for concussions and other injuries. If a concussion is present, making sure it is treated and allowed the time to heal correctly is critical to preventing serious health problems in the future. By visiting OrthoNOW in Coral Way for pre-concussion testing and concussion treatment, you will be able to work with a certified clinician to work with you in a personalized program, working with you to heal and clear you for a return to athletics and activity.


Pediatric Orthopedics

Accidents can happen at any time, often at the least convenient or unexpected moment. Just because an injury is not convenient, doesn’t mean your child’s care needs to be. The team at OrthoNOW Coral Way is equipped to diagnose and care for patients of all ages, from young children through teens and adults for a variety of injuries. Visiting an orthopedic specialist often requires a waiting period as you wait for your appointment date to arrive. OrthoNOW provides care on a walk-in basis, providing instant care as quickly as possible to begin the road to recovery at a more affordable price point. We can provide everything from onsite diagnostic X-Ray imaging to treatment during one 70-minute visit. By utilizing the On My Way NOW app, you can communicate with an orthopedic clinician while in transit to our facility, providing details that can lead to a more efficient diagnosis.



If you are experiencing stiffness or have lost some of your range of motion, arthritis may be the culprit. The condition is formed when the joints become inflamed, and there are two main types. Osteoarthritis happens in the articular cartilage covering the ends of your bones as it wears away. Without the cartilage in place, you will experience pain as you move and the bones rub together. This can be caused by traumatic injuries, natural aging and overuse. Rheumatoid arthritis affects the entire body, focusing primarily on your joints. The cartilage will swell and cause pain as it swells into the surrounding tissue. Additional symptoms may include fatigue, tenderness when coming into physical contact with your joints and audible noise as you move your limbs. OrthoNOW Coral Way provides the medical support you need to maintain your pain levels and continue going about your day-to-day normally, learning about your symptoms and medical needs in order to provide better care and manage more of your symptoms.


Auto Accidents

If you have been in a car accident, you are likely experiencing pain in multiple body parts, unsure of which pains will just go away on their own. Recovery can be tough. Finding the right health care provider to properly diagnose and treat your injuries can be even tougher. Your body also naturally produces endorphins to help deal with the stress at the time of an accident which can mask pain – and why many people walk away from an accident feeling fine – only to have pain unexpectedly flair up days or sometimes weeks later.

Yet diagnosing the problem, including the type, location, and severity of an injury, is essential to proper treatment and requires a specialist. General Practitioners often miss details risking improper diagnoses and you in turn potentially being stuck with an injury that isn’t covered by insurance.

But how do you know? At OrthoNOW, we use advanced technology required to identify delayed pain by assessing you for soft tissue damage that could affect your muscles, ligaments, tendons, and cartilage. Damage to soft tissue is harder to track and quantify than broken bones, yet the effects can be just as debilitating. If you or your loved one has been in an auto accident, choose OrthoNOW and keep a bad situation from getting worse.


Pre-employment Physicals

There are more health and safety requirements required for employers to follow than ever before. For many employers, pre-employment physicals have become a routine requirement to determine if applicants are suitable for the job and reduce the possibility of future on-the-job injuries.

OrthoNOW works directly with employers and employees to determine company requirements and provide fast, reliable results so employees can start work as soon as possible while ensuring their safety. We also take special care to provide support and advice to patients who discover a previously unknown condition during a physical and recommend treatment options.

Let our trained staff at OrthoNOW help you land your next career move. We are fully equipped to provide standard pre-employment exam and physicals including blood work – on site and on demand.

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