Sprained Ankle

Ankle sprains are a common injury that affect all age groups and athletic level. From daily activities to sports injuries, any misstep or strain can cause an ankle sprain. The orthopedic specialists at OrthoNOW in South Florida offer urgent care to diagnose and treat sprained ankles.

What is a Sprained Ankle?

A sprained ankle happens when one or more of the ligaments in the ankle are torn.

The ankle is held together by ligaments on either side of the joint and ankle bones. These ligaments protect the ankle from making awkward turns, rolls, or twists. While ankle ligaments are flexible and elastic enough for athletic activities, abnormal strain or pressure can cause them to tear.

Generally, a sprained ankle can be identified by immediate pain, bruising and swelling. However, sprains range in severity and can present in different ways.

Causes of an Ankle Sprain

Ankle sprains can happen in a variety of athletic and daily activities. When the ankle and foot rapidly shift in opposite directions through a misstep or fall, the internal ligaments can stretch and tear.

There are many ways to sprain an ankle, including:

  • Sports, such as football or soccer
  • Physical fitness activities, such as jogging
  • Stepping down at an unusual angle
  • Walking on an uneven surface

Depending on the injury, ligaments on the interior or exterior part of the ankle can be torn. In severe ankle sprains, multiple ligaments on either or both sides of the ankle can be injured.

Symptoms of a Sprained Ankle

Many people feel immediate pain with an ankle sprain, but the severity of the injury can depend on the amount of ligament damage. With more severe sprains, there can be difficulty walking or standing.

Some of the common symptoms of a sprained ankle include:

  • Pain at the sprain site
  • Swelling or inflammation
  • Bruising
  • Painful movement
  • Tender to the touch
  • Inability to apply pressure
  • Difficulty walking

If you are experiencing some, or all of these symptoms, it’s important to seek medical attention. Leaving a sprained ankle untreated can lead to further damage or a longer recovery timeline.

Orthopedic Treatment for Ankle Sprains at OrthoNOW

The orthopedic specialists at OrthoNOW urgent care offer a variety of treatment plans for sprained ankles. In many cases, plenty of rest and light ankle stretching helps strengthen the torn or stretched ligaments around the ankle.

OrthoNOW Orthopedic Urgent Care in South Florida understands that sprained ankles don’t happen by appointment. Our urgent care facilities accept walk-in patients with little to no wait. Visit our Doral, Florida location for immediate care after spraining an ankle.

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