Types of CrossFit Injuries and Treatments

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CrossFit isn’t just a fitness trend—for many devoted followers of this exercise regimen, it’s a way of life. But, those fitness fanatics may also find that regular visits to an orthopedic specialist comes with the routine. Of all those who’ve tried this rigorous workout regimen, at least 16 percent dropped out due to overuse or injury.

Although CrossFit can be an effective way of slimming down and getting fit, it is also strongly associated with higher rates of musculoskeletal injury, particularly to the shoulders, knees, and elbows. These injuries can range from a simple strain to a complete tear of the tendons that support and protect these joints.

Accelerated Recovery Performance: Treatment for CrossFit Injuries

So, what’s a CrossFit devotee to do in the case of overuse or injury? You know that you need to rest the injury, but for how long? And how can you ensure that you don’t suffer another injury during the recovery process?

OrthoNOW Orthopedic Urgent Care in Miami has a solution: ARP Wave Neuro Therapy. ARP, which stands for Accelerated Recovery Performance, was designed based on the principle that most joint problems, sprains, tears, and overuse injuries—all of which are common CrossFit injuries—occur when the surrounding muscles are not absorbing the impact like they should. When this happens, the force of a particularly difficult CrossFit exercise move is transferred to tissues that just aren’t equipped to handle it.

Instead of treating the tear or the sprain, our orthopedic specialists use ARP wave treatment to treat the surrounding muscles. As a result, our patients experience accelerated recovery times from CrossFit injuries and increased athletic performance in the long-term.

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