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Acute Injuries

A recent injury that has happened in the last 48-72 hours, often related to trauma or impact, is commonly referred to as an acute injury. Acute injuries affect a specific part of your body and can include bone fractures and strains to the tendons and muscles. For best results, acute injuries should be treated within the first few days after an accident in order to prevent further issues from developing.
Depending on the injury, you may decide at first that medical attention is unnecessary. Some injuries, including concussions, may exhibit delayed symptoms, which can be misleading. If your injury exhibits any of the following symptoms, you should visit your local OrthoNOW Center for diagnosis and treatment:

  • Moderate to severe swelling
  • Loss of motion, including being able to move joints or walk
  • Pain while moving or resting
  • Visible deformity in the limb

If you choose to not have the injury checked out in the immediate aftermath of an injury and it does not improve after a couple of days, you should have it examined by an expert orthopedic clinician. Acute injuries have higher success rates with early treatment, allowing a full recovery before being cleared to return to normal activity.


Fracture/Broken Bone

A fracture is considered any break along the surface of the bone, both large and small. Depending on the extent of the fracture, it may be treated with a brace, sling or cast. If the fracture results in a major bone breaking, your injury may require further treatment in order to fully heal. Broken bones and fractures need to be treated immediately in order to properly set the bone and ensure that neighboring nerves and vessels are not affected.
If you believe you have fractured a bone, don’t put off having it examined and treated. While some broken bones may not be immediately obvious, you may experience bruising, swelling, extreme pain and difficulty moving. More severe breaks may involve your bone becoming misaligned. If you exhibit any symptoms of a bone fracture, wasting hours in an ER waiting room only to be seen by a doctor who often lacks the expertise required to treat you can be a waste of time and money. Visit OrthoNOW in Doral for on-site digital imaging, including X-Rays and Fluoroscopy for immediate diagnosis and treatment in less than one hour.


Chronic Pain

Aches and pains are normal, especially after an injury. Pain is a signal from your body that something is wrong and needs attention, stopping once the injury has healed. Chronic pain is a different type of experience, with the pain recurring for weeks and even years after the injury occurs, often negatively affecting your mental health and ability to engage in even the simplest everyday activities.
Defined as pain lasting over three months, chronic pain can stem from an illness or injury and lead to further health problems as it progresses, including sleep issues, mood swings and loss of appetite. Physical exhaustion and motion loss can also be attributed to chronic pain. If you experience chronic pain, it is imperative to seek specialized medical help for the correct diagnosis and the best treatment for your needs. At OrthoNOW Doral, our on-site orthopedic experts will be able to work with you, going over each symptom in order to identify and pinpoint exact causes of your pain, allowing us to provide you with the treatment you need in order to improve and maintain your quality of life, including effective pain management strategies for long-term solutions.


Preventive Health

Maintaining your muscle, tendon and bone health is important no matter your age or activity level. Whether you’re playing in the NCAA or enjoy weekend hikes, our clinicians will be able to provide personalized solutions to keep your body conditioned for your level of activity while improving your stamina and agility. This can help prevent accidents from occurring, leading to season-ending or life-changing injuries. Our programs are designed to work for your entire family, from young children to active seniors.


Sports Injuries and School Physicals

Youth Sports Injuries

Children are more involved in athletics than ever before, starting at younger ages and participating as their bones and growth plates develop. As they are still growing, injuries are more likely to occur due to overexertion or falls. Since the bones are still growing and settling into place, recovery time after an injury is quicker than adult recovery, as long as it is diagnosed and treated quickly. At OrthoNOW Doral, we can provide specialized treatment for your child’s injury on your first visit, rather than spending hours waiting in the ER only to be referred to a specialist, with another long wait time. Our walk-in clinic is equipped to handle sports injuries of all ages, whether your child has suffered a fractured bone or a concussion.


Adult Sports Injuries

As you age, you may begin to overestimate your athletic abilities, no longer able to quite match up to your previous skill. From walking enthusiasts to intramural athletes to people wanting to get a run in before or after the workday, the team at OrthoNOW will be able to treat injuries and design a therapy and exercise plan to prevent further problems from occurring. By visiting our center in Doral, you will save time from visiting an emergency room, leaving our facility with treatment in less than one hour.


Sports Physicals

Making sure your child undergoes an annual physical is critical and oftentimes required before a school athletic season begins. A physical examination provides several clarifications and purposes in a child’s life:

    • Allows a doctor to provide tips to avoid injury due to overexertion or accidents
    • Identify conditions and potential risk factors that require monitoring throughout the season
    • Maintaining peak performance and health during sports and in the offseason

Physicals can be performed at our OrthoNOW Doral location on a walk-in basis, regardless of the season.


Pre-Concussion Testing, Diagnosis and Management

Head injuries are serious and can happen at any time, whether you are participating in a touch football game or slip and fall and hit your head. Making sure your head injury is checked out by a professional is critical to getting the proper treatment, and healing correctly. If you or your child is participating in a sport, undergoing periodic baseline testing to ensure a concussion is not present is an important step to take as part of your preventative healthcare practice. Concussion testing and management are critical to recovery, and OrthoNOW has a staff of expert, certified clinicians for monitoring your health and clearing a return to regular activity. A full recovery is vital to maintaining your brain health.


Pediatric Orthopedics

Accidents cannot be timed and are often inconvenient, but that doesn’t mean your child’s medical care needs to be. From broken and sprained ankles to concussion care, OrthoNOW Doral is equipped to handle orthopedic needs for the whole family, from young children through adulthood. We are available on a walk-in basis, no referrals required, in order to provide your child with proper diagnosis and effective treatment in the very first visit. Some benefits of our pediatric care include:

      • On-demand, instant expert orthopedic care
      • No referral or appointment required – walk-ins always welcome
      • Digital imaging on-site for immediate comprehensive diagnosis and specialized treatment
      • More affordable than a traditional ER visit
      • Immediate results – most patients can be diagnosed and treated in a single visit – all in under one hour
      • We accept most insurance plans and affordable cash pay options also available

Keeping your child safe is imperative to all parents, and mishap resulting in injury can occur at any time. If your child needs to see an orthopedist, do not hesitate to bring them to OrthoNOW Doral. By using the On My Way NOW app, you can speak with our on-site experts before you even reach our facility, going over any questions or pertinent information that may delay treatment.



Arthritis is a painful condition where the joints become inflamed, causing stiffness and loss of motion. A joint is formed by a layer of cartilage at the meeting point between two bones. There are two main types of arthritis:

  • Rheumatoid Arthritis can occur throughout the body, primarily in joints. As the cartilage swells, it can crowd surrounding tissue, causing pain and stiffness to form in the limb even when it is not in use.
  • Osteoarthritis is caused by wear and tear concentrated mainly in articular cartilage, which covers the ends of bones. When the cartilage is worn away, the bones will constantly rub against each other, causing swelling in the area and as well as consistent pain. Cartilage wear can be caused by overuse, traumatic injuries or aging.

Symptoms of arthritis include muscle fatigue, loss of mobility, pain, and tenderness when touched or moved and audible noise when the joint is moved. Getting the medical support you need is critical to maintaining your pain levels and quality of life. In addition to providing you with the best available care, our clinicians focus on creating a successful and informative relationship with you in order to better learn your medical needs and the progression of your arthritis, coming up with a personalized treatment plan to get your disease under control.


Auto Accidents

After a car accident occurs, you may not see symptoms of an injury right away: while certain pain may start right away, some injuries can take days or even weeks to appear. Since symptoms can flare up at any time, finding the right treatment can be difficult and the correct diagnosis even more so. Endorphins produced at the time of the accident can help control your stress levels at first, masking symptoms until you have had time to process what happened. Making sure that any injuries are diagnosed quickly and correctly is important to getting the right treatment and preventing long-term issues from forming. Seeing an orthopedic specialist after a car accident will help you get the medical attention you need down to the finest details, preventing you from suddenly experiencing an injury that may not be covered under insurance due to timing.


Pre-employment Physicals

Certain professions require the worker to meet specific medical and physical standards in order to perform the job and reduce the probability of injuries occurring while working. The team at OrthoNOW works with local employers to examine potential hires according to corporate standards, providing fast results in order to expedite the hiring process. If an employee is found to have a previously unknown preexisting condition, we will be able to provide treatment options and care. From standard exams to blood work, the team at OrthoNOW Doral will be more than happy to help you on the next move in your career.

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