Onsite Diagnostic Services

OrthoNOW Offers A Full Range of State-of-the-Art Orthopedic Diagnostic Services

Our services are designed to help get you fully-treated on your first visit in less than one hour.

Digital X-Ray

At OrthoNOW Doral, we have on-site state-of-the-art digital imaging technology, allowing us to capture the images we need in the first visit. Rather than the hours it sometimes takes to get traditional films processed and developed, digital X-Rays are processed in under half a minute, saving the time and waiting for chemical reactions to show the images for a proper diagnosis. Digital X-Rays can be captured using less radiation than standard X-Rays, providing an overall safer experience for the patient. Digital X-Rays can also provide clearer images, giving a better idea of what is wrong for a more thorough treatment. Not to mention the time, money and hassle you save by not having to make multiple visits being referred to an imaging center only to have to come back again for treatment.



For a more thorough look at internal structures throughout the body, an ultrasound may be performed. After applying a gel to the area your physician needs to examine, a specialized wand is used to capture images, moving around to get the area from each available angle. The wand sends sound waves through your body, reflecting images that appear. These images are used for two main purposes: they can pinpoint an exact location of an injury, or rule out certain causes to your pain, such as tears to tendons and muscles.



Fluoroscopy is performed using contrast dye and live X-rays to capture images in real time. In the orthopedic field, it is commonly used during arthrography, which provides a clearer view of the joints. Its real-time component makes it easier to diagnose injuries and determine the ideal course of treatment, taking your needs and the extent of the injury into consideration. The fluoroscopy procedure can be completed on-site at OrthoNOW Doral, allowing us to begin treatment immediately.


MRI – Magnetic Resonance Imaging

An MRI is used to diagnose soft tissue injuries, such as tears to the muscles in the knee or shoulder. If you suspect you have torn your rotator cuff, ACL or MCL, an MRI will be ordered and performed in order to get a full look at the area and properly diagnose your injury. Our center has an on-site MRI machine that produces digital images, allowing the orthopedic clinician to process them and begin creating your treatment plan instantly rather than traveling to a separate facility, waiting for film to be developed and returning for a follow-up visit for results.


Pre-Concussion Testing

Concussions are a head injury often overlooked as a mere headache, attained through sports injuries, falls and trauma. Symptoms include headache, nausea, dizziness, amnesia around the event and delayed response in conversation. If you have suffered a concussion, you may not experience symptoms immediately, with a delay of several hours or days common in patients. If your symptoms are not severe, you may also be inclined to downplay the injury, letting it go unchecked. If you suffer from a concussion, you should not return to play until being cleared by an expert. Our orthopedic clinic provides state-of-the-art concussion testing, making sure people and athletes of all ages are fully healed before returning to the field or regular physical activity.

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