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Avoid those unnecessary trips to the ER this Summer

Avoid those unnecessary trips to the ER:

How to keep your kids safe during the summertime

Ah, young summer! School is out and the kids are excited for a warm and active season of fun. With the sun shining for most of the day, kids are ready to jump into outdoor activities, but the question lies, are YOU ready for your kids’ summertime activities?

According to the CDC, each year in the United States, emergency departments treat more than 200,000 children ages 14 and younger for playground-related injuries. Moreover, during the summertime, ER visits spike up 15 to 27 percent. Our orthopedic experts at OrthoNOW are ready to give you some tips on how to keep your kids safe during their lively summer activities by preventing common injuries.

Ankle Sprain: this is one of the most common injuries in children – and virtually no reason to burden the ER with it. This injury usually happens as result of sudden movement or twists, which cause tears and bleeding around the ankle joint.

To prevent an ankle sprain, make sure your child:

  • Always warms up before exercising or partaking in a sport/activity.
  • Is using the appropriate shoes for their respective activities.
  • Considers using ankle braces or tape if there’s a tendency of getting injured.

Broken Bone: also known as fractures, are very common amongst children. Your OrthoNOW location is equipped to handle almost any broken bone. These can occur because of a simple fall on a playground or serious accidents.

To prevent fractures, make sure your child:

  • Is getting enough calcium and vitamin D.
  • Has the proper safety gear for the sports and activities they are partaking in.
  • Regularly exercises and participates in sports to maintain strong bones.

Shin Pain and Shin Splints: this pain is experienced on the front of the lower leg, below the knee and above the ankle usually as a result of overuse and activity. Again, there is vitually no reason to go to the ER with this pain.

To prevent this condition, make sure your child:

  • Has a gradual return to physical activities.
  • Wears proper footwear when participating in sports.
  • Always warms up and stretches properly before playing.

Concussions: also known as a mild traumatic brain injury. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, concussions are a common injury that tend to be underreported in children and adolescent athletes. These occur because of a sudden blow or jolt to the head, often in and have higher incidents in certain sports such as football.

To prevent concussions, make sure:

  • Your child wears the appropriate equipment for the sport.
  • Your child understands the rules for safety and sportsmanship.
  • To talk to a health care professional about Concussion Baseline Testing which provides a cognitive view of the child’s current brain function, child’s balance, and overall brain function (memory skills, learning, paying attention or concentrating, thinking or problem solving).

It’s important to implement these preventive methods to ensure kids continue enjoying their summer activities with as few accidents as possible. However, in case of an injury our orthopedic experts are ready to treat all patients on a walk-in basis. For more information on our services, visit www.OrthoNOWcare.com or download our mobile app, because injuries don’t happen by appointment.


About OrthoNOW:

OrthoNOW®, the nation’s only franchised network of specialized orthopedic urgent care Centers, is focused on assessment and treatment of a range of orthopedic and sports injuries, chronic conditions, and preventative protocols – all on a walk-in basis.  Specialties include anything related to the foot, ankle, knee, hip, wrist, hand, elbow, shoulder and spine.

Every OrthoNOW® is equipped with digital imaging equipment and offers the latest techniques and treatments by a team of orthopedic clinicians and orthopedic specialized ancillary providers including Neuro Therapy which can dramatically alleviate acute and chronic pain and expedites recovery time from surgery.

OrthoNOW® recently launched the mobile app v2.0 for iPhone users which features a revolutionary feature called On My Way NOW™ which allows patients to notify an OrthoNOW® Center that they are in route, the reason they’re coming and what time they expect to arrive. The recently released upgraded app now includes integration with Uber. OrthoNOW’s flagship center is in Doral, Florida, with franchised Centers in Florida, Georgia and other locations coming soon.