OrthoNOW History

OrthoNOW Orthopedic Urgent Care Center for Broken Bones Walk-in Clinic for Fractures Cunsussion Testing Immediate Care for Sports Injuries Workers Comp

All confronting the same frustration of seeing orthopedic injuries treated poorly and inefficiently, a group of orthopedic surgeons in South Florida created OrthoNOW, an orthopedic urgent care Center designed to offer a total orthopedic solution to patients on a walk-in basis.

Before OrthoNOW, patients had to choose between the lesser of two evils when looking for orthopedic care; either compromise quality of care for a better waiting room experience (i.e. an urgent care Center), or compromise your time for higher quality of care (i.e. a traditional orthopedic practice). OrthoNOW believes that patients shouldn’t have to make this choice, and with OrthoNOW, they no longer need to. Every patient at OrthoNOW can be assured that their injury will be treated by a specialist delivered in a stress-free, upscale environment.

With the success of OrthoNOW, acquaintances of the founding doctors began making inquiries on how they too could build an OrthoNOW and offer the same service in their local market. After fielding multiple interest such as these, the franchise program was created to offer a turnkey solution for those doctors who don’t want to reinvent the wheel in orthopedic urgent care.

OrthoNOW officially began offering the sale of its franchises in early 2013.