Treatment Options for Patients with Shoulder Injuries in Miami, FL & Beyond

When it comes to treating shoulder injuries in the greater Miami, Florida, area, one name stands above the rest: OrthoNOW. We are the nation’s first and only network of orthopedic urgent care Centers, offering industry-leading orthopedic treatment with unprecedented patient convenience. Rather than waiting days or even weeks to get in to see your family physician or heading to the emergency room when your injury isn’t exactly an emergency, head to one of our conveniently located Centers in Doral, FL, and throughout Miami-Dade, and get the expert care you need, when you need it.

OrthoNOW is equipped to diagnose and treat a number of different shoulder injuries ranging from relatively minor strains to more complex issues like rotator cuff tears, frozen shoulder, shoulder impingement, shoulder dislocation, throwing injuries, and more. We are staffed by highly experienced and trained orthopedic doctors who can use digital X-rays and a variety of other advanced diagnostic tools to pinpoint the source of your problem in order to recommend the most effective treatment option for you.
Another advantage to OrthoNOW is that you don’t need a physician referral to see our team. Elsewhere, the patient experience for shoulder injuries usually entails an appointment with a primary care physician who then recommends an orthopedic specialist to address sports-related injuries and other orthopedic issues. This can take weeks, leaving you dealing with your pain the entire time. With OrthoNOW, however, you can come directly to one of our convenient locations. You don’t even need to make an appointment ahead of time, so just stop by when you can fit a visit into your schedule and we’ll be glad to meet with you.

Here are just a few examples of the types of treatments for sports injuries that we offer in Miami, FL:

• Stitching for lacerations
• Slings for a broken collarbones
• Joint reduction for shoulder dislocations
• Waterproof casting
• Arthritis treatment
• Physical therapy
• Over-the-counter and prescription pharmaceuticals
• ARP (accelerated recovery performance) Wave Treatment
• Stem cell therapy
• Arthroscopic surgery
• Joint replacement surgery
• And more

For additional information about our unique approach to orthopedic care and our ability to address shoulder injuries and other conditions, contact OrthoNOW today or visit one of our area Centers located nearest you. Don’t suffer from your shoulder pain a day longer than you need to. Let our knowledgeable doctors get you back on the road to recovery fast.