OrthoNOW® Doral Testimonials

OrthoNOW & Neuro Muscular Therapy changed my life!

ARP Wave Neuro Therapy Relieves Sciatica Pain ARPWave for Back Pain– Shere Rodriguez

Seven years ago, I fell 4 steps down the stairs leaving me with 2 herniated disks. From that moment on, my life was never the same. Those were seven years of countless nights with no sleep and long days where I would be constantly trying to find at least a few minutes without pain. I was prescribed lots of steroids and heavy dosages of pain relievers, but the pain continued to come back after a couple of weeks. Doctors said I needed surgery, but growing up with a father who was a Holistic Practitioner, I was determined to continue looking for a less aggressive and invasive approach. I found relief with Acupuncture, yoga and swimming but then, I started running and biking and the pain came back. Just like I do every April, this year I raced at the South Beach Triathlon for St. Jude and after the race, the pain was excruciating. That’s when I decided to go to OrthoNOW and thanks to the Electro Neuro Muscular Therapy, I can now sleep through the night with no pain. Now I can work an entire day sitting in front of my computer with no pain. This has changed my life and I am absolutely grateful for all the effort and support I have had from the OrthoNOW staff. I found relief from the very first Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation session. My life has changed forever and now, I am sciatica pain free.

And, as if this was not enough, a month ago I competed at the Escape to Miami triathlon and finished with a broken toe. The very next day I went to OrthoNOW to be seen by the orthopedic specialists. This was the best decision I made! If I would’ve gone to the ER or a general urgent care center, I would’ve had to wait several hours and then I would’ve been referred to an orthopedic specialist. When I arrived at OrthoNOW I was in a lot of pain, but surprisingly, Neuro Muscular Therapy gave me instant relief. It reduced the swelling in only 15 minutes. It has been almost 3 weeks from the day of the injury, and I am already healing and walking at an unbelievably fast pace.

Dr. Alejandro Badia, Chief Medical Director of OrthoNOW Doral explains that Electro Neuro Muscular Therapy is a system comprised of a proprietary electrical device with carefully designed protocols which dramatically alleviates acute and chronic pain and expedites recovery time from surgery. Previously only available to professional athletes (mostly known as “ARPWave”), now, through OrthoNOW, it’s accessible to the public to treat athletic injuries, muscle spasms, over-use syndromes, back and shoulder pain, chronic pain and more.

If you suffer from any of these conditions, call OrthoNOW at (305)-537-7272 or download the mobile app to notify us when you’re on your way!