What is OrthoNOW®?

OrthoNOW® offers a superior alternative to many traditional forms of orthopedic healthcare delivery, including emergency rooms and general urgent care centers. We are a network of walk-in orthopedic care Centers that treats broken bones, sprains, cuts, sports, and workers’ compensation injuries, chronic conditions, and offers preventative wellbeing and sports medicine solutions — all with no appointment necessary. Each OrthoNOW® has in-house digital X-ray and provides follow-up care.  Some locations have MRI, fluoroscopy, ARPwave, and other technologically advanced modalities.

Will I pay more by going to OrthoNOW?

OrthoNOW® walk-in Center charges competitive rates and works hard to assist the uninsured with creative solutions.  The OrthoNOW value is clear: take steps out of the process by seeing an orthopedic specialist from the beginning!

What type of injuries does OrthoNOW® treat?

OrthoNOW® treats broken bones, sprains, cuts, foot/ankle, shoulder, back, knee, hand/upper extremity, bones/joints, muscle, work injuries, and sports injuries. View our Orthopedic Urgent Care Services

What if I don’t have insurance?

OrthoNOW’s out-of-pocket costs are often significantly lower than hospital emergency rooms and general urgent care centers. Additionally, you have the opportunity to receive a definitive orthopedic diagnosis all at one facility —  saving you time and money.

What insurance is accepted at OrthoNOW®?

Each location is slightly different, so be sure to check directly with Center staff if you have any question about insurance coverage.

OrthoNOW Doral Orthopedic Urgent Care Center insurance network includes*:
• Avmed (Multiplan)
• Blue Cross
• Cigna (Multiplan)
• Medicaid
• Medicare
• Molina Marketplace
• United

Doral Rehabilitation Center:
• Align (Workers Comp)
• Avmed (Multiplan)
• Cigna
• Medicare
• Medicaid
• MedRisk (Workers Comp)
• United

*We accept all insurances. If your insurance is not listed above, we will find a way to work with you!   Please call us at 855-447-6784.


Do I need an appointment to be seen at OrthoNOW®?

No appointment is necessary to see one of our musculoskeletal specialists.

What is orthopedic medicine?

Orthopedic medicine treats a wide variety of injuries and disorders in children and adults pertaining to the skeleton and its supporting muscles, joints/ligaments/tendons (musculoskeletal or MSK system).

What are OrthoNOW’s hours?

OrthoNOW® accepts walk-ins. NO APPOINTMENT NECESSARY!

Click here to locate the center nearest you in order to view its hours of operation.

Orthopedic Specialists are always available by phone after hours at (855) 447-6784