OrthoNOW® Medical Business Opportunities – Marketing & Support

We at OrthoNOW know and understand that your center’s quick success highly depends on how you create new medical business opportunities through marketing and advertising your business. We also know that in today’s competitive world, successful marketing and advertising can be very intimidating. This is yet another reason why you can rely on us as your partner.

Through our professional team of graphic designers and marketers, we continue to provide ready-to-use marketing and advertising materias that can easily be adapted to your specific location. Also, as our network of franchisees grow, through our information sharing portal, you can tap into a vault of marketing/advertising knowledge, know-how, experiences and pre-made graphics from other franchisees throughout the nation.

Some of the products/programs that are in place to help you grow your business include:

  • Pre-opening ads
  • Grand opening ads
  • Variety of youth sports club brochures
  • medical business opportunities app

    Brochures specifically made for city employees

  • Variety of worker’s comp brochures for small, medium or large businesses
  • OrthoNOW logo imprinted fiberglass cast material so each and every cast you apply will be a walking billboard for your unique and efficient care of fractures
  • OrthoNOW branded splints/camwalkers as well as a unique design sling specifically made for OrthoNOW franchisees
  • Promotional banners personalized for you
  • An on-line vault for information sharing with other franchisees
  • Email marketing
  • Direct mail campaign
  • Variety of posters
  • Variety of print ads
  • Radio and TV ads
  • Post Cards
  • Bus ads
  • Billboard ads
  • Sponsorship campaigns
  • Multi-lingual ads
  • Balloons, yard signs, etc.
  • Variety of promotional products such as refrigerator magnets, phone holders, sports bottles, etc.
  • Mobile App
  • And much more…



orthonow arm brace created for new medical business opportunities


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