OrthoNOW® Healthcare Franchise Training

Dedicated to helping our healthcare franchise owners succeed, we offer an extensive training program that provides owners with the knowledge and skills they need to succeed and grow in the health care industry. Training is conducted prior to opening your OrthoNOW urgent care Center and it is conducted by our professional team with years of experience in operating our own OrthoNOW center. The initial training is typically conducted at our headquarter location in Miami, Florida as well as your center. The training is free of charge to you. You are responsible for your travel expenses.

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We also offer free ongoing refresher trainings which will continue to help you become familiar in modern advertising and marketing techniques.

Understand how OrthoNOW patient volume will integrate with any surgery center, imaging or rehab facilities
Understand how OrthoNOW patient volume will integrate all traditional orthopedic and sports medicine practices

When you complete the initial training you are ready to start your business and through this training you have acquired the skills to:

  • Be completely ready to open and operate your OrthoNOW orthopedic urgent care Center.
  • Be ready to hire and manage employees for your business.
  • Be comfortable with people management.
  • Manage your billing and collections.
  • Perform effective advertising and marketing campaigns, public relations strategies in order to establish and grow your business.
  • Perform and handle the day to day operations of your center.
  • Implement new marketing strategies to improve and maximize awareness and your brand recognition locally.



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The following is not directed to any person in the Registration States by or on behalf of OrthoNOW, LLC, or anyone acting with the knowledge of OrthoNOW, LLC.


No franchises can be sold in the Registration States, by or on behalf of OrthoNOW, LLC, until the offering has been registered and declared effective and the appropriate Registration State Franchise Disclosure Document has been delivered before the sale and in compliance with the franchise laws of the respective Registration States.