Our Mobile App is made just for you,
and now FREE in iTunes and Google Play Stores!


We’re pleased to offer you this revolutionary healthcare app at no cost to you. There’s something in this app for you, your family, your coaches, and your friends — or for anyone responsible for the care of others. The app is designed to enhance the experience of patients of our orthopedic urgent care Centers. You never know when you’re going to need it.

Because Injuries
Don’t Happen by Appointment.®



  • Locate the nearest OrthoNOW® Center, all ranked by distance from your current location.
  • Send messages to the front desk, get questions answered by orthopedic specialists.
  • On My Way NOW®: send a custom alert to your nearest Center, letting the clinicians and staff know you’re in route, when you’ll arrive, and why you’re coming. This allows the Center to be prepared to receive you and expedite your treatment by the orthopedic specialist on duty. What emergency room can do that?

Enhanced features of our new version for iPhone users:

  • Introducing “uberlance”! OrthoNOW’s mobile app is now fully integrated with the Uber app, allowing patients to request a ride to the nearest Center when other transportation is not available or practical, such as after having sustained an injury to a hand, arm, leg, or foot.
  • Click to call and use GPS to get driving directions.
  • On My Way NOW® updates: Registered users build a profile with a photo that gets included with alerts to the front desk of the Center, allowing patients to get VIP treatment upon arrival.
  • Send pictures of your injury. Keep pictures in the app to track the progress of your injury, treatment, & healing.
  • You can now create multiple patient profiles – a feature designed to help parents, coaches, camp counselors, or crew managers with a system for rapid decision-making and notification at the time of injury, when seconds count.
  • Get post-treatment info sent directly to your iPhone, and get urgent health notifications.
  • Link up with the latest technology. The app now has a portal for telemedicine connections, laying a foundation for a whole new world of ways to access expert orthopedic healthcare.
  • See pictures of the OrthoNOW Center you’re about to visit.

You can also share your experience with friends on social media, look up orthopedic services offered, and more.

Download this app and keep it. You never know when you’re going to need it.

OrthoNOW Google Play Free Download
OrthoNOW Google Play Free Download

For a limited time, we are offering a FIRST RIDE FREE coupon code for users of our new app who use UBER to come to OrthoNOW. Call the front desk of your nearest Center for the coupon code for up to $25 off your first ride!