OrthoNOW® Medical Franchise – Franchisee Site Selection

OrthoNOW® Franchisee Site Selection

Selecting a site for your orthopedic urgent care Center is the most important step after you have been approved to own an OrthoNOW Franchise. We understand that the location of your center is an important component in the success of your business.

You know your territory best,  however, through the knowledge we have gathered and our resources we will help you identify the most suitable location for your center.

We will help you with the Site Selection Process which includes the following:

1.) Opportunity Analysis

-Area study to identify Opportunity Zones

-Compare Opportunity Zones demographic makeup to each other to select most desirable areas

-Industry specific demographic analysis is used to select Opportunity Zones

2.) Site Selection

-Online or physical visit to the market to identify potential site options

-Sites are selected with highest priority on the top tiered opportunity zones from the
Opportunity Analysis

3.) Visit Follow Up

-Follow Up call to review market options

-Site Profiles are completed on preferred options to compare site characteristics

-Using the Site Profile report and client feedback, a site is selected for LOI submission

3.) Negotiations

-Represents you through the lease negotiation process

-Submission of LOIs

-Facilitation of Documents between parties during the lease negotiation process

-Input and consultation on avenues of negotiation

The location and design of your state of the art medical franchise is the empowered patient’s portal to quality, affordable and specialized care. Your medical facility will assure them that they are in for a better experience, with better outcomes at a lower price point than traditional orthopedic urgent care. The typical build-out time for one of our centers is 100 days and the floor plan includes;

  • Approximately 2,560 sq.ft. area
  • Waiting area
  • Reception
  • Treatment Rooms
  • X- ray
  • Therapy Room
  • Private offices for medical and administration staff
  • Breakroom
  • Lab
  • Lavatory

We encourage you to take a virtual tour of some of our existing locations listed below:

OrthoNOW Doral:

OrthoNOW Aventura:

OrthoNOW Biscayne: