Electro Neuro Muscular Therapy (ENMT) or Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation

Electro Neuro Muscular TherapyInjuries mostly occur from high force motion, bad posture, or continued overload (repetitive motions) to untrained tissues (tendons/ligaments/capsules/cartilage). Our muscles are controlled by our central nervous system (spinal nerves and brain). Once an injury occurs the brain signals those muscles to tighten up (guard) in order to protect the tissues that were damaged. With the use of an electric stimulator that can work safely in different frequencies to recruit either slowtwitch muscle fibers (stability muscles) or fasttwitch muscle fibers (strength and power muscles) to relax those guarded muscles and to improve blood flow rich in nutrients.

  1. Assess the area of injury of where the kinetic chain is causing the poor movement, finding the origin of injury rather the end (damaged tissue). 
  2. By reducing edema and muscle guarding, we are putting the body in the optimum environment for healing, accelerating the recovery process and reducing pain. 
  3. Re-educating the NEURO-MUSCULAR connection to address the origin of the injury and restoring proper mechanics, which leads to long-term prevention of injuries. 



$500 for 12 sessions (Save $100)
$375 to purchase the Sport Elite 2.0 machine
• 2 training sessions included


$50 per session