Bracing, Splinting & Casting

Bracing, Splinting & Casting

OrthoNOW helps heal your tear or fracture with the proper brace, splint or cast.


After an accident, making sure an injury is immobilized as quickly as possible is vital to a full recovery. Your doctor will prescribe a course of medications if necessary as well as physical therapy to rehabilitate the injury and restore range of motion and function to the area. By visiting OrthoNOW Biscayne, our orthopedic specialists will be able to custom fit a brace, cast or splint to your injured area, allowing it to stay in place while it heals. Customized to fit your specific injury, our braces, splints, and casts will withstand normal pressures and stresses you face in your everyday life for the duration of your recovery.

Custom Braces

By fitting a brace to your injury, you will be able to reduce your overall pain and swelling as the joint stabilizes. The brace applies pressure to each side of your joint, causing it to realign. This reduces the pain you may experience from having two rough bone surfaces constantly rubbing together in direct contact. Your joint provides a buffer between bones, and when it suffers from damage, it can be debilitating. By realigning the joint in a brace, you will be able to heal while experiencing reduced pain levels. As you go through rehabilitation and physical therapy, you’ll be able to increase your range of motion and restore your pre-injury strength. OrthoNOW can also fit you for a brace if you are looking for extra joint support or to prevent injury during an athletic event.

DonJoy Advanced Bracing Technology & Durable Medical Equipment

OrthoNOW offers a complete range of durable medical equipment and braces from the DonJoy line to protect your feet, ankles, knees, hands, wrists, elbows, shoulders and spine. The DonJoy brand is trusted in the fields of sports and orthopedics across the globe, from the top doctors and athletes to intramural participants and weekend warriors. DonJoy braces are available at OrthoNOW Biscayne. Visit us today before you experience pain!

Colorful, Waterproof Casts

Casts have evolved from the plain, white plaster you might remember. With the advent of new technologies, OrthoNOW Biscayne can fit you with a brightly colored cast to bring a pop of color to your recovery. Gone are the days of needing to wrap your injury in a plastic bag to shower—our newest materials are waterproof, adjustable to account for swollen injuries. The new material is antibacterial, which reduces the itchy feeling associated with traditional plaster and reduces unpleasant smells that used to arrive after a few weeks. With a waterproof cast, you can shower and even swim without covering it up!


Casts have come a long way in the past few decades. Rather than just plain white plaster, our casts come in a variety of colors and we even offer waterproof casts making life much easier for both kids and parents. Waterproof casts can be adjusted to accommodate swelling and even removed to clean the skin. Antibacterial material reduces irritation and unpleasant smells. This advanced technology allows you to shower without a bag and even swim – making a hard time a little easier!

Regardless of the type of cast, splint or bracing that is right for you, the onsite clinicians at OrthoNOW will ensure the precise fit for the quickest path to full recovery.

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