Herniated Disc

Back pain affects four out of five people. Pain alone is not enough to recognize a herniated disk. Come to OrthoNOW if back pain results from a fall or a blow to your back. The most common symptom of a herniated disk is sciatica—a sharp, often shooting pain that extends from the buttocks down the back of one leg. For those experiencing neck pain, headaches may also be associated with cervical herniations. Herniations are typically caused by pressure on the spinal nerve. Other symptoms include:

  • Weakness in your extremities 
  • Tingling (a “pins-and-needles” sensation) or numbness in your extremities 
  • Loss of bladder or bowel control (If you also have significant weakness in both legs, you could have a serious problem and should seek immediate attention.)
  • A burning pain centered in the neck, shoulder, arm, or buttock