Calling All Healthcare Leaders and Disruptors – The US Needs You NOW!

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Like myself, many people find that they thrive when working in an environment that offers unique challenges, opportunities to flex their entrepreneurism muscles and employing processes that disrupt traditional delivery methods in order to bring products/services to market.

For over two decades I have worked in the franchise industry leading emerging brands in everything from retail to IT. I have also been a four-time Master Franchise Owner. In my experience, I have found that entrepreneurial leaders, disruptive thinkers and people looking to build wealth while driving change thrive in this environment.

With the implementation of the Affordable Care Act and the emergence of the “underinsured” vs the “uninsured” healthcare has under gone a revolution never before seen. According to the CDC, injuries alone cost the US $671 billion per year and NIH Researchers found that the average charge for an emergency room trip is $1,233. That figure is 40 percent higher than the average American rent right now which is $871 per month. So, what does that mean to investors? Unprecedented income growth potential at the ground floor level.

Investors are aggressively acquiring medical franchises for two reasons. Urgent Care is one of the most lucrative health care industries because its recession proof. This combined with the $42 billion per year orthopedic care is one of the safest investments because injuries happen every day – and never by appointment.

OrthoNOW is just such a brand. It is different from other medical franchise opportunities because it is the first and only franchise of its kind. The OrthoNOW medical franchise focuses on orthopedic urgent care, providing affordable, accessible and convenient care to all ages who suffer from an accident or sports injury – on their terms and when they need it.

We have also embraced technology like no other by creating an app that digitally connects the patient with an OrthoNOW specialist and boasts an average 90-minute time to treat from registration to release affording significant savings for the patient.

As a testament to our commitment to revolutionize the way orthopedic healthcare is delivered across the US, this year alone OrthoNOW has opened six locations with several more in development. With plans to double in size every year for the next five years, OrthoNOW is aggressively targeting first mover healthcare leaders and entrepreneurs across the US to partner with us for single, multi-unit, and Master or Regional Developer franchise opportunities – making this the right time, right NOW to consider this lucrative and rewarding industry.

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