3 Markets in Which Urgent Care is Gaining Strength

Though the current trend is growth when it comes to the urgent care franchise, eventually this rapid increase in demand will taper off. When that happens, entrepreneurs and owners must make plans to grow their businesses and branch out into other markets. Here are three markets where urgent care franchises are gaining strength and why.

Rural Communities

Rural markets represent one of the biggest opportunities for growth when it comes to the urgent care franchise. These communities have been lacking in quality, affordable healthcare resources for decades. According to an article by RuralHealthInfo.org, the residents of rural communities often experience barriers to healthcare that limit their ability to get the care they need. In order for rural residents to have sufficient healthcare access, necessary and appropriate services must be available and accessible in a timely manner. The urgent care franchise model serves this need. Instead of heading to the emergency room for minor injuries and ailments, those in rural communities would be able to visit their local urgent care franchise to receive care at a smaller cost. Some rural areas are without quick access to medical care as the closest facility is miles and miles away. This presents an excellent opportunity for those looking to open medical franchises. The market is in desperate need of a crucial service.

Urban Markets

The opportunity for urgent care franchises in highly urban markets is a bit more limited, but still viable. While the sheer number of highly urban areas is lower than rural areas, urgent care centers focused on meeting the needs of urban dwellers can truly succeed here. Urban markets can offer both the best and worst of healthcare access for patients. Those in struggling urban markets are less likely to be insured and more likely to seek out emergency room care instead of visiting a standard medical practice. Many of those in urban markets do not receive preventative care and when they fall ill, they end up at the emergency room. This is one reason that urgent care franchises have an opportunity to succeed in these markets. The urgent care franchise model serves a portion of urban residents who typically resort to a visit to the emergency room. As an alternative to that, patients can get quality medical care at a reasonable price through urgent care centers in urban markets.

Ethnic Neighborhoods

Another market where urgent care is gaining strength is within ethnic neighborhoods. As with urban markets, ethnic neighborhoods are full of underserved patients. In a study the State University of New York Downstate Medical Center on hospital care, in the 100 largest U.S. cities and their suburbs it was determined that from 1996-2002, public hospitals closed at a far greater rate than for-profit or private nonprofit hospitals. Without access to public medical care, those in ethnic neighborhoods are left void of adequate healthcare. These areas are primed for urgent care franchises to come in and assist. In addition, opening an urgent care center that offers medical professionals that speak the language of the population is ideal.

Nearly 80 percent of the success of an urgent care franchise is based on its location. Though urgent care franchises can succeed anywhere, exploring the market where you’re looking to open is key.

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