Why Healthcare Franchises Are Booming

One of the most important franchises providing services to the public is the healthcare franchise. Not only are healthcare franchises important, but they are increasing in popularity by the day. Depending on who you ask, there are nearly 10,000 urgent care centers in the country alone. And, according to the Urgent Care Association of America, 87% of urgent-care-center operators acquired or built a new location in 2014, and 89% of those operators said patient visits increased in 2014 from the previous year. In addition, 91 percent of urgent care centers anticipated growth in 2015. So, why are healthcare franchises booming so much?


Healthcare franchises are serving a need in the medical field in a variety of communities. Medical professionals, hospitals and even enterprising businesspeople have been searching for quicker and more affordable ways to deliver quality service to the increasing population of people needing medical care. This is where the healthcare franchise model comes in. The healthcare franchise can offer routine medical care as efficiently as other traditional medical facilities. Furthermore, the aging Baby Boomers population is adding stress to the healthcare system and will continue to do so over the next couple of decades. The ability to serve more patients in need at lower costs will eventually become a critical challenge for the medical field. Healthcare franchises can serve this growing need in a variety of ways – not only through primary care but specialized care, too.

Smart Investment

Owning a healthcare franchise is a sound business decision. As a result of their growing demand, entrepreneurs are getting into business with a variety of healthcare franchises. In addition to the typical urgent care franchise, specialty healthcare franchises are becoming increasingly popular and widespread. Franchises like OrthoNOW, which offers orthopedic care in an urgent care setting, are serving a sector of the population that hasn’t been catered to before. In an article by Entrepreneur.com, founder Alejandro Badia said, “OrthoNOW was born out of a sense of frustration. As a hand surgeon, virtually everyone who came to see me had been someplace else before or had waited for hours in the ER and gotten an erroneous diagnosis. By the time they saw me three weeks later, their problems were worse and harder to treat. I sensed the way healthcare was run was a waste of time and money.” This type of unique need offers a smart investment opportunity for entrepreneurs and medical professionals alike. Not only is the initial investment in opening a healthcare franchise typically smaller, there is a built-in network of support and resources in dealing with medical red tape. Physicians can focus on what they truly love – patient care.


People want quality healthcare at affordable costs on their own schedules. The demand for convenient and less costly medical care is at an all-time high. Consumers want to be able to get seen quickly, without having to make appointments days or weeks in advance. At a healthcare franchise, a patient can be seen by a qualified medical professional generally in less than half the time of an emergency room visit. In addition, patients save money by visiting healthcare franchises, yet their quality of care is not sacrificed.

Whether a patient needs medical care, dental care, or even massage therapy – the healthcare franchise model can be of service. With thousands and thousands of locations across the nation, healthcare franchises are here to stay and serve.

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