5 Digital Healthcare Trends to Watch

The increase in the adoption of digital healthcare practices and services has created a significant space for healthcare business opportunities over the last few years. While some data suggests that users aren’t adopting new and innovative digital healthcare services, a majority of data in fact suggests that users simply don’t have services that fit their needs adequately. As a result, the need for newer, faster options that satisfy demand has created a market ripe with healthcare business opportunities. Here are five trends in digital healthcare that are contributing to the increase in new business opportunities.


  • Continuing Adaptation of Technology in Healthcare. The technology of health changes every day. From the instruments doctors use, to the way we schedule an appointment, to the way we receive treatment – healthcare technology is ever-evolving. And, patients are becoming more and more accepting of the new ways that they can receive healthcare. As each new generation becomes accustomed to using technology for every aspect of their lives, there are a myriad of new healthcare business opportunities that result.  
  • Reform Results in Innovation. The healthcare reform achieved during President Obama’s administration spurred a new round of innovation in regards to healthcare delivery. As a result of the change in financial structure that came with the reform, the healthcare industry sought entrepreneurs to fill the gap in innovation and new technologies. This gap provided a slew of healthcare business opportunities and chances for investment in the industry from smart and effective entrepreneurs.
  • Healthcare as a Business. When the demand for anything increases, the opportunity to capitalize on that need arises. The same goes for healthcare. As the baby boomer generation continues to age, the need for healthcare services dedicated to the population increases. As a result, there are a wealth of healthcare business opportunities when it comes to digital healthcare. Not only would digital healthcare be able to serve the baby boomer generation, but younger generations that would truly feel the crush of an increased demand on the healthcare system would likely jump at the chance to take advantage of digital options.
  • Interest in Personalized Medicine. Consumers are interested in their unique healthcare needs when it comes to treatment. With the discovery of cheaper and more effective ways of determining if a certain patient is at risk for an ailment based on their genetic makeup, there is an increase in healthcare business opportunities when it comes to personalized medicine. Just look at how popular services like 23 and Me are with consumers. People are looking for healthcare dedicated to their particular story and background – and more people are now armed with that type of knowledge.
  • Global Innovation. Around the world, there are nearly 8,000 startups focused on digital health. Healthcare business opportunities abound for those who can find funding to get their digital ideas off the ground. With the increased ease of global communication, the limitations for expansion are endless as well.


Healthcare is becoming an increasingly consumer-driven and consumer-focused business. With ample funding from a multitude of avenues, healthcare business opportunities are available in aubundance for innovators and entrepreneurs alike.

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