Why Healthcare Franchises Embrace Apps to Grow Market Share

Healthcare franchisors like OrthoNOW, the nation’s only orthopedic urgent care franchise, inherently understand the Steve Jobs adage that “You’ve got to start with the customer experience and work back toward the technology, not the other way around”.  Co-Founder and Chief Financial Officer, Justin Irizarry says “injuries do not happen by appointment so it is important that the provision of outstanding healthcare franchising experience begin before the patient even crosses the threshold.  One way we have found to deliver affordable, quality patient care, while gaining market share, is through our proprietary mobile app”.

This innovative healthcare franchise recently launched a new and improved version of their mobile app which, in addition to its revolutionary feature called On My Way NOW™, now includes an integration with Uber, the ridesharing service, allowing injured patients to request a ride to their nearest medical franchise for treatment directly within the app.  

The OrthoNOW mobile app allows patients to notify their healthcare franchise center that they are on route, the reason they are going, and what time they expect to arrive. Additionally, the app locates the nearest healthcare franchise and provides contact interface to the them.  They patient may also connect to Facebook and Twitter accounts where they can access supplied information about conditions treated as well as a section of frequently asked questions. This updated version now provides the following features to enhance the experience:

  • Patients can send a custom injury alert to the orthopedic experts at the healthcare franchise with pictures of the injury in advance of their arrival.
  • Users of the mobile app can now create multiple patient profiles – a feature designed to help parents or coaches build a system for rapid decision making and notification at the time of injury, when seconds count.
  • Finally, and most notably, the OrthoNOW’s mobile app is now integrated with the Uber app, allowing patients to request and ride to the nearest healthcare franchise when other transportation is not available or practical, such as after having sustained an injury to a hand, arm, leg, or foot.

Uber South Florida general manager Kasra Moshkani said “We are excited that OrthoNOW is utilizing Uber’s open API for such an innovative integration”. Thought leaders looking to enter the lucrative world of healthcare franchising also see value in franchisors who offer patient – centric technology as part of a larger turn-key option. 

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