5 Ways The Healthcare Franchise Industry Will Evolve In 2017

5 Ways The Healthcare Franchise Industry Will Evolve In 2017

Evolution in the urgent care and healthcare industry has opened opportunities for healthcare franchise development. In fact, the changes in the industry are shifting even more into the future. It is an exciting time to be involved in healthcare and here are five reasons to consider the healthcare franchise industry for your next business opportunity:

1 – Healthcare App Integration

Digital technology continues to push the envelope on the types of data that can be recorded. With several kinds of healthcare apps online, it is easy to track just about any facet of one’s health. What will make this an even more value tool is when the apps are actually connected to EMRs and medical practitioners. It’s not far on the horizon as the technology and players are already in place. Being able to communicate directly with a doctor responding to an app monitoring your health is more possible today than it was before the invention of the smartphone.

2 – Improvements To Telemedicine and Patient Access

Another place where a healthcare franchise can fit into the equation is with the continued growth of telemedicine. It allows doctors to balance patient loads while also reducing wait times. Urgent care will likely continue to draw immediate treatment plans but telemedicine has provided healthcare to non-emergency cases and will keep doing so. Expect to see virtual urgent care clinics built around a model that incorporates telemedicine.

3 – Growth of New Urgent Care Models

Specialized urgent care facilities opening in recent years are pushing this trend forward. It is not uncommon to see urgent care facilities that focus entirely on a single type of care such as orthopedics and chiropractic. A healthcare franchise opportunity exists in the mix with specialty care a great option in markets with an over saturation of competition.

4 – Location-Based Growth In Communication

Again, with thanks to new technology, it won’t be long before you will be able to wear a device that will identify a symptom within your body and contact your doctor for assistance. All without you even noticing it. This would be especially important and valuable in urgent care. Imagine having the signs of a heart attack or stroke transmitted to your medical professional before anything happens to you? The possibilities are endless and are within reach in the near future.

5 – Urgent Care Use Encouraged By Employers and Insurers

Credit must go to the ongoing increase in cost to employers for insuring their employees. With this trend having no end in sight, patients will still drive the overall change in urgent care becoming whatever the users of the system want it to become. A healthcare franchise owner can easily become part of this change. With lower visit costs and faster treatments putting workers back on the job quicker, urgent care will continue to be popular with employers and insurers as a result.

Where Will Urgent Care Go Next?

With technology fitting perfectly with the flexibility of urgent care having the ability to address specific patient needs, this will continue to be an exciting market to monitor. Urgent care and retail based clinics are already responsible for 20-percent of primary care services which will grow as the industry keeps evolving. If you are looking to become part of this exciting trend, look to OrthoNOW for information on establishing your own healthcare franchise.

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