3 Basic Things Your Healthcare Franchise Must Provide

Starting a healthcare franchise involves a lot of moving pieces. It can be difficult to know where to start in order to put your business on the quickest path toward success. Before you begin marketing or publicizing your business, you need to ensure it’s ready for patients. If your healthcare franchise has these three basic things, start sending patients to your doors.

One: Provide a Good Product

Competition in the urgent care industry can be tough, so you want to make sure your entire clinic is running properly and efficiently. In the healthcare industry, your “product” is the service you provide your patients. If a patient receives insufficient care from your staff, they are not likely to come back, or spread favorable word about business.

Providing great care should be your top priority, which includes the following:

  • Hire a skilled and qualified staff. Your medical staff needs to be able to efficiently and accurately care for your patients.
  • Hire enough staff to keep patients from waiting. A key part of an urgent care healthcare franchise is getting patients in and out quickly, so make sure your team is big enough to do that.
  • Support the community by attending events or sponsoring sports teams. By adding value to the community, you can become an expert that people will think of then they require orthopedic care.
  • Provide the best health care possible. Make sure your team is well-versed in the latest policies and techniques, and that your equipment is updated.

Two: Provide Good Customer Service

In addition to providing excellent medical care, your customer service must also be top-notch. Patients expect a pleasant experience with everyone from the receptionist to the nurse to the X-Ray technician. Follow these three principles to improve your customer service:

  • Smile. A smile can go a long way, especially if someone is in pain or under duress. Make sure every patient feels welcome to your healthcare franchise the moment they walk in the door.
  • Make the process easy. The OrthoNOW digital app helps patients let the clinic know they’re on their way through their mobile device. Your website should provide all necessary information so it’s easy for patients to find your address or phone number.
  • Follow up. Most urgent care centers sent patients on their way without ever following up. Show you care for your patients by checking in on their recovery, and they’ll be more likely to be repeat customers or recommend you to others.

Three: Pick the Right Location

If your business is hard to find or get to, customers won’t bother. Your healthcare franchise location should fulfill the following requirements:

  • A good location. Your location should not be close to any competitors, but easy to get to from the street. Parking should be plentiful and close to the building, so patients don’t have to walk far between their car and the office.
  • Visible. Make sure your business, or at least a well-designed sign, is visible from the road. Choose a location on a busy road that’s near other established businesses so potential customers will notice it during their everyday drives.
  • Effective signage. Your business needs a large, well-lit, easy to read sign that will alert customers of your location. Make sure it’s visible from every angle, and not blocked by buildings, trees, or other signs.

When you start with these elements, you can rest assured your healthcare franchise is ready for business!

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