Heels This Holiday Season by OrthoNOW

With the holidays upon us, there are a million and one things on our mind: shopping, dinners, office parties and family gatherings to name a few. But one thing that women are specifically thinking of is shoes! It’s no secret that the holidays call for festive attire, and for women, part of that ensemble is high heels.

Our orthopedic specialists at OrthoNOW understand the pain that pumps can cause, which is why they want to provide ladies nationwide with some tips for this holiday season:

  1. Make your high heels comfortable Many types of shoes, including heels, boots and sandals, fail to provide the cushy step in your stride. Since holiday parties are nothing short of 4 hours, buy some shoe pads for the front of your heels! Using them may be easier than having to go holiday shopping in tennis shoes the next day. They are called metatarsal pads or ball-of-foot cushions, and they can go a long way in preventing that dreaded ball-of-foot pain.!
  2. The fit is imperative Sometimes your love for the pair of shoes is so great that it convinces you to buy them even if it they don’t fit well— try to avoid making those decisions. Not only will the shoes cause you discomfort, but it can also cause foot pain or worsen an existing condition you may have. Tip: buy shoes in the afternoon. Your feet swell during the day so the best moment to try them on and choose the right fit is in the afternoon. Another option is to try to stretch out the front of the shoe.  Most local cobblers can stretch a shoe for width approximately a half size, which can perhaps accommodate any questionable shopping decisions.!
  3. Consider platform shoesMany holiday gatherings allow for a more casual look, so consider wearing platform shoes for these events. Thicker heels provide you with better balance. Furthermore, the even distribution of the weight on your foot alleviates pressure. So, if the dress code is flexible, switch the stilettos for the wedges!!
  4. Do your shoes have a strap? The moment you begin considering shoe options for your outfits, make sure they have straps. A good shoe always controls the heel with a strap or a cup, therefore supporting your foot better!!
  5. It’s fine to wear bad footwear… only sometimes Wearing bad footwear for a few of your holiday outings this year probably won’t cause long-term pain. However, unhealthy habits lead to chronic pain so make sure to avoid making it a pattern.!

“Many shoe stores now carry several different kinds of foot pads that can help make shoes more comfortable. For a few dollars and some trial-and-error, it’s possible to turn the 1-hour shoe into a 4-hour shoe”, said Dr. Sophia Deben, foot & ankle specialist and OrthoNOW physician collaborator.

Take these tips into consideration and your holiday parties will be a bit more bearable this year! For more information on OrthoNOW’s location and services visit www.OrthoNOWcare.com or download our award-winning mobile app, available on Google Play and the App Store.


Happy Holidays!!


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