Dr. Badia on Money Matters Top Tips with Adam Torres

Dr. Alejandro Badia was recently a guest on Money Matters Top Tips, a podcast hosted by Adam Torres. The interview focused on the impact of concierge healthcare and the affect of consumerism on the industry, and how OrthoNOW can provide a bridge between elective care and urgent care, with a focus on musculoskeletal and orthopedic injuries that other clinics are unable to treat properly. Dr. Badia also went into detail about the On My Way NOW app, which allows you to exchange information, images and arrival times with your closest OrthoNOW location, as well as arrange for a rideshare through the integrated Uber app. OrthoNOW accepts patients of all ages, with 30% of treated people falling under the age of 16. Listen here to learn more about our practice and services across Miami!

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