Dr. Badia on Health Professional Radio

Dr. Alejandro Badia was recently interviewed on Health Professional Radio about advancements in the treatment of tennis elbow and arthritis of the thumb. Dr. Badia discussed ways to treat tennis elbow, from conservative measures such as stretching exercises, avoiding certain forms of activities that could lead to reinjury or further damage, and periodic cortisone or steroid injections to platelet-rich plasma therapy and a new procedure called UItrasound Ablation. Using a probe called Tenex, degenerative or wearing out tissue is removed during a minimally invasive procedure with shorter recovery time than most procedures. Dr. Badia also discussed the treatment options for arthritis of the thumb, or osteoarthritis. While the cause is unknown, there are several contributing factors that can lead to the condition developing and options to reduce pain and restore the quality of life.  Take a listen to the interview below to hear more about these new treatments!

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