Preventing Injuries at Your Worksite

Workplace accidents can affect your business in multiple ways, from not meeting goals for the day to extra medical bills to reduced employee morale, leading to a less productive work environment. The easiest way to keep morale and productivity where they need to be is by preventing accidents in your workplace. Follow these steps to create a safe work environment for your workers and any customers that may visit your workspace.

Create & Follow a Wellness Program

The easiest way to create a safe workplace is by instating a safety and wellness program. Working with an orthopedic specialist, your company can have a program in place that includes assessment of every piece of equipment and practice, determining the safest and most ergonomic way of performing each duty. A safety and wellness program can also include periodic training for balance and assessing for the risk of high falls and other accidents. 

Conducting Pre-Employment Physicals

After extending an offer to a prospective hire, you may request that they undergo an employment physical. While the results will be kept confidential between your hiring manager, the physician and the prospective hire, you will be able to determine whether or not the employee will be able to perform the job duties safely and without accidents that can affect the safety of others. Employment physicals can be requested in virtually any field but are most commonly requested or required in transportation, healthcare, government and military. 

Make Sure You Are Properly Staffed

Most overtime work is assigned due to staffing issues, leading to exhausted employees looking for ways to cut corners in order to get the extra work done. Cutting corners is when accidents occur, leaving your employees with increased risk of injury. During your busy season or events, make sure your regular staff is supplemented with part-time employees in order to keep everyone safe. In addition to maintaining the correct staffing ratios for your business, you should make sure each employee has proper training and equipment to get through the day safely, including goggles, gloves, closed-toe shoes, helmets and hard hats. Each employee should be well-versed in all aspects of completing a task, including the potential effects of skipping steps to get the job done faster.

No matter how many trainings you have, accidents are still bound to occur every now and then. If an employee has sustained an injury while working, visit your closest OrthoNOW location for assessment and treatment. For an even more efficient visit, download the On My Way NOW app to arrange for a rideshare and exchange photos and information with a clinician before you arrive!

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