Motorcycle Safety for Track Days

Florida Track Days will be held in Miami this August, providing motorcycle riders with a place to learn and practice in a safe, controlled environment. Safety and following regulations are key to preventing injuries due to crashes or accidents on a motorcycle, which can happen at any time. The most common injuries sustained during motorcycle accidents are orthopedic, including sprains and fractures. Follow these steps to prevent injuries and ride your motorcycle safely, whether on a designated track or on the road. 

Know the Law

Florida is one of 19 states in the country with helmet laws, requiring all riders under the age of 21 and with under $10,000 in insurance coverage to wear a helmet approved by the DOT when operating or riding on a motorcycle. The only exemption to the rule is individuals who have purchased over $10,000 in medical benefits. Motorcycle riders in Florida are also required to wear eye protection such as sunglasses or goggles. The bike must always have its lights on, and can only be two across a lane.

Wear Proper Gear & Take a Safety Course

To prevent rashes or burns, make sure you wear leather or long clothing that covers your skin, closed-toe shoes with nonskid soles and gloves to protect your skin and prevent cuts. Your gear should include reflective tape or patches to make yourself visible while on the road, especially at dusk or in less-than-ideal weather conditions. Prior to going out on the road, take a motorcycle safety class to learn how to properly use your bike and follow local laws and guidelines. If you have not ridden in a while, take a private lesson with an instructor to brush up on your skills and knowledge. 

Choose a Safe, Dependable Motorcycle

For ideal safety, your motorcycle should be equipped with anti-lock brakes to prevent the wheels from locking as you brake, regardless of weather or speed. Avoid going out on the bike during inclement weather including rain or windstorms, as the roads can become slicker and covered with debris which can cause problems when braking or turning on the road.  Having a bike with an ABS can reduce the probability of an accident by up to 30%.

Orthopedic Injury Treatment in Miami & South Florida

If you experience an orthopedic injury due to a motorcycle accident, visit your local OrthoNOW center today. We will be able to perform concussion testing and treat back pain, ligament tears and bone fractures. For more information about our services or to find the location closest to you, please call (305) 262-8665.

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