Back and Neck Rehabilitation

Chronic back and neck pain are conditions which most people fear they’ll suffer from their entire life. After trying multiple treatment options that promise results and seeing no improvement, it’s easy to become discouraged by chronic neck and back pain. Whether your pain comes from degenerative discs, muscle spasms, bulging, or another cause, we have a team of expert staff ready to help!

Our treatment plans are designed to reduce pain, improve strength and mobility, and reduce inflammation with non-invasive or minimally invasive procedures and therapy. First, you’ll meet with a physician to diagnose what’s causing your pain. Many people don’t realize that whiplash or injury can cause pain for years after it occurs if you don’t seek the correct treatment plan, so be sure to tell us about any neck or back injury you’ve had in the past. Once we can diagnose why you’re having the chronic pain along your spinal cord, we’ll be able to recommend a treatment regimen.

Some patients may be able to see improvement from physical and occupational therapy alone, while others will need to undergo one of our minimally invasive pain relief procedures or non-invasive decompression procedures before beginning therapy. Once your physical therapy visits begin, your therapist will design a treatment plan of specific exercises and movements that will work to strengthen and improve the mobility of your spine. Muscle isolation is the key to our treatment of neck and back pain. This means isolating the affected areas to ensure that other healthy muscles can’t compensate for the weaker muscles. Muscle isolation is the only way to see real improvement from chronic pain in the neck and back. That’s likely where your other treatment plans have failed.

As your treatment continues, you’ll be given the tools and knowledge to continue practicing certain exercises at home, speeding up the recovery process and teaching you to avoid reinjury. Even if you’ve been suffering with this pain for years, it’s never too late to begin treatment.

We’re dedicated to helping our patients return to their normal activities through scientifically proven and researched methods. As you start therapy, we have multiple pain relief options available to offer quick relief until the root of the problem can be treated. Give us a call to schedule an appointment and learn more about how our staff can get you back to living a happy, healthy, and pain-free life!

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