Total Joint Replacement Rehabilitation

Total joint replacement is a very serious surgery, but with the proper rehabilitation plan, it can have unimaginable effects on a patient’s quality of life, mobility, and strength. The most common total joint replacements seen in our facilities include hip, knee, and shoulder replacements. Ideally, we begin joint replacement rehabilitation before surgery. You may be wondering, why before surgery? Why not just wait until after? While many rehab facilities do wait until after surgery to begin treatment, we recognize the benefits of pre-op rehabilitation for total joint replacement patients. By working to improve the strength of the muscles surrounding the joint to be replaced before the surgery, recovering after the surgery will be much quicker and more comfortable for the patient. Your pre-op rehab plan will be designed to fit your injury and improve your strength without causing unnecessary pain to the joint that’s being replaced.

After your total joint replacement surgery takes place, it’s time to begin post-operative rehab. Your mind may want you to start using the joint right after surgery, but your body isn’t ready to do that without the help of one of our expert physical therapists. The day of or the day after your total joint replacement procedure one of our physical therapists will begin working with you using simple exercises to get the new joint moving. By beginning treatment so quickly after surgery, we’re able to maintain a level of mobility and strength as the injury heals which shortens the total recovery time.

After you get released from the hospital, we’ll begin designing a treatment plan for your joint replacement. These treatment plans will aim to regain a normal level of mobility, strength, range of motion, and ambulation of the affected area. Your physical therapists will begin to teach you simple exercises to do on a regular basis to continue the recovery process. At first, you’ll likely be instructed only to perform those exercises with your physical therapist to avoid reinjury. As your recovery progresses, you may be asked to continue some of those exercises at home on your own as well. As your recovery continues, our team will reevaluate your needs and alter your treatment plan as needed to see the best results.
Total joint replacement is a nerve-racking procedure, but our staff is here to put your mind at ease! Give us a call today to learn more about how we can begin helping you recover before your surgery even begins.

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