Post-Surgical Rehabilitation

Your body will be different before and after a surgical procedure. Prior to surgery, you may have lost most of your functionality in certain muscles and joints, and your strength may have been depleted. Resuming your everyday activities after surgery is not something that your doctor will recommend be done overnight, but with a rehabilitation program that will help rebuild your muscle memory and strength. Depending on the complexity of your surgery and the injury, you may be prescribed a simple or complex course of rehab to achieve a pain-free recovery. At OrthoNOW, we have specialties across the orthopedic field, allowing for us to stay with you throughout your recuperation.

Some of the injuries our post-surgical rehabilitation programs can benefit include:

Knee Tears

Have you recently torn your ACL, MCL or LCL? Depending on the severity of the tear, surgery will be required to repair the damaged area, followed by several sessions of physical therapy to get used to putting weight on the affected leg and restoring full functionality.

Joint Replacements

As your cartilage sustains more damage, you will feel an increase of pain in your joints until they are surgically replaced. While nonsurgical options such as medication and physical therapy may be used at first, your cartilage may have deteriorated enough to require a prosthetic replacement. After your joint is replaced, you will need to re-learn how to properly bend and use it after months or even years of pain and altered usage.

Arthoscopy Recovery

An arthroscopy is a visual examination of the joint using small cameras to get a full picture of any damage sustained within the structure. Small incisions are made on the patient’s skin in order to insert cameras the size of a pen point. Advances in technology have made it possible to make surgical repairs during an arthroscopy procedure, which can have residual pain and require rehabilitation to restore functionality.

Shoulder Recovery

From torn rotator cuffs to joint replacement and arthritis, there are several problems that can occur in your shoulder that can be reversed through surgery. After the procedure is completed, you may have difficulty raising your arm above your head and lifting heavy loads. Physical therapy appointments will help monitor your recovery after surgery and help you regain your strength, little by little.

Post-Surgical Rehabilitation for Orthopedic Injuries & Conditions

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