Every family should have an orthopedic specialist on their healthcare team.

A True “No-Brainer” Cost Assessment

It may even be more important than a good primary care physician or dentist.

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Immediate Care

OrthoNOW’s orthopedic specialists and healthcare staff are available on-demand to help your family with orthopedic injuries, chronic pain, or recovery and therapy. We offer a full range of orthopedic services to help keep you moving.

Orthopedic Specialist

Save Time with Better Healing Outcomes

Immediate Care

Huge Savings!

Full Orthopedic Care

OrthoNOW eliminates the need for expensive and time-consuming ER visits. In contrast, you will save tons of money and leave OrthoNOW fully treated in under 70 min. by an orthopedic specialist. No referral needed!

Addressing Orthopedic Pain & Injury

On-Demand Treatment

Therapy / Rehabilitation

Pain & Injury Prevention


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It is like putting MONEY back into your pocket and TIME back into your schedule!

Save TIME and MONEY with Better Healing

Did You Know?

As parents we want to ensure our family has access to the best primary care physicians and dentists possible. What we tend to miss is what happens in an emergency or for chronic pain. We often rely upon a “non-specialist” in the emergency room to treat our families. The truth is ER’s are really referral sources that force you to endure budget-busting costs and long wait times just to be referred to a specialist (we refer to as referral roulette). This adds time to your recovery, lost time away from your daily lives, and can mean less than optimal healing outcomes for your family member.

Here is the good news

OrthoNOW can directly impact the quality of your family’s healthcare and household budget.

1) Your costs are drastically reduced

2) You leave fully treated in under 70 min.

3) You are seen by an orthopedic clinician on your first visit. (no need for referrals or duplicate services by multiple physicians)

4) You receive an accurate diagnosis and care on first visit resulting in better healing outcomes.

Faster and better recovery means less lost wages, more game time, and less household inconveniences!

OrthoNOW diagnoses, treats, and rehabilitates your bones and muscles from ailments and injuries.

Eye Opening Cost Comparison

Emergency Room

Emergency room visit
Cost: $1,800+

DAY 2:  Follow up at occupational medical center
Cost: $250

Cost: $50

Urine toxicology
Cost: $800

Medications dispensed
Cost: $500

DAY 7: Physical therapy
Cost: $1,300

DAY 37: Follow up with occupational medical center
Cost: $150

DAY 40:  MRI performed
Cost: $400

DAY 45: Follow up visit for results at occupational medical center
Cost: $150

Referral for orthopedic specialist
DAY 59: Consult with orthopedic specialist
Cost: $350

Wrist x-ray performed
Cost: $50

Urine toxicology
Cost: $800

DAY 69: Patient undergoes tenosynovectomy release
Cost: $4,400

DAY 73: Post-op physical therapy
Cost: $1,300

DAY 105: Patient returns to occupational medical center for maximum medical improvement
Cost: $150

TOTAL COST: 105 Days, $12,450


– Patient seen at OrthoNOW for wrist pain
– Upon examination patient found to be tender at radial wrist
Cost: $250

X-ray performed – Roberts view (special view)
– Negative for fracture and basal joint arthritis
– Grind test performed and is negative (used to rule out basal joint arthritis)
– Patient diagnosed with De Quervain’s Tendinitis
Cost: $50

Ultrasound guided corticosteroid
-Injection performed into the 1st extensor compartment
– No splint needed
– Patient returned to regular duty after 2 days of rest
Cost: $250

Patient returns to OrthoNOW for follow up and maximum medical improvement
Cost: $150

TOTAL COST: 7 Days, $700

A Sampling of Our Services

Patient Care

Arthritis Care

Digital X-Ray

Electro Neuro Muscular Therapy


Fracture Care

Full Hand & Elbow Care


Pre-concussion Testing

Laboratory Services


Occupational Therapy

Physical Therapy

Sports Medicine

Sports Physicals


Injuries & Conditions

Hand & Elbow

Foot & Ankle

Hip & Knee




Sprained Ankles

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