Workers’ Compensation Injuries

Workers compensation injuries are stressful for both the employee and the employer but finding the right recovery options will help make that stress seem much more manageable. With any workers compensation injury, the goal should be healing the injured worker and getting them back on the job as quickly and safely as possible, and we’re here to do just that. Our team of physicians, physical therapists, occupational therapists, and other qualified staff are here to help diagnose and treat a worker’s compensation injury in a way that benefits the employer and employee.

Our low cost and high success rate recovery programs will help your company save money, and your employee save time. Before treating the workers’ compensation injury, we’ll identify any unrelated issues that the employee may have. This could include chronic pain, personal injury, and much more. Once the workers’ compensation injury is evaluated, we’ll begin designing a personalized treatment plan with our team. We’re dedicated to working with the employee and employer to set reasonable goals and timelines for the employees return to work. Once goals have been set, and a treatment plan has been designed, it’s time to start healing the injury.

Our team of medical professionals will begin working on the affected area to reduce pain and improve strength, mobility, and range of motion to a normal level. Throughout the rehabilitation process, we will reevaluate the goals set in the beginning and adjust them accordingly. We utilize programs and tools that are designed to speed up the recovery process, getting your employee back to work sooner than you thought possible. Occupational therapists may be able to offer suggestions and modifications you can make to the work environment that will allow your employee to return to work on light or modified duty while their recovery continues.

At the end of the rehabilitation process, our staff will perform a functional capacity evaluation to determine the status of the injured worker. A summary of that evaluation will be made available to both your company and the employee, along with recommendations on how to proceed. If the injured worker needs to be placed on disability because of the injury, the functional capacity evaluation can be used as proof of that need. Our top of the line facilities and experienced staff members will be able to get your injured employee back to work quickly, even if it means finding a different job for them to do!

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